Are You Really Living?

Are you really living?

There was a guy who survived the plane crash on the Hudson (the plane crash that the movie “Sully” was based on) and in an interview he said “Before I got on this plane I was alive, but now I’m really living.” After surviving what has been called “the Miracle on the Hudson” this man was ready to really live, go do the things he’s always wanted to do, see the things he’s always wanted to see… He was ready to LIVE, not just be alive.

That brings us to my story:
My cousin is spending the weekend with me, since my husband is away for his military drill. Anytime we’re together we get to talking about life and dreams and future and Jesus. We really have the best talks. Per usual, we ended up talking and the conversation led to how we both feel like we are called to do something “more”. We don’t want to do the “usual” or the “safe” thing. We want adventure and newness. We want what no one that we personally know has gone after.

At the same time though, we talked about being unsure and fearful that these thoughts were our own selfish desires or a list of other things… (basically, “the devil’s been talkin”)

After having this conversation, we decided to go to church (on a Saturday evening, which we never do) and in our words “service was LIT”. Basically we got some confirmation that our desires are not far-fetched and it is time to REALLY LIVE!

Here’s what I’m here to tell you:
God did not place those desires in your heart for you to doubt Him. There is a reason that you have desires in your heart and instead of standing around wondering, it is time to accept them and take action. THIS IS IT! This is your moment to do what God has called you to do. It might be uncomfortable, but it’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The great thing about it is that God doesn’t have limits. We are the ones who put the limits on Him. If we could just reprogram our minds, then we could see that He is a good God and He is limitless. He wants us to succeed. He is waiting for us to grab a hold of his hand and say “I’m ready for this adventure.” Because that’s what it will be… an adventure, which is defined as “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”. But totally worth it.

If this is you, a soul desiring for more, then this is your sign. But it can’t just stop here. This is where it’s your turn to take action… to “throw your hat over the wall”. Here is what I heard this weekend:

  1. Start with your soul:
    Your soul is important. You can’t begin accomplishing other goals, if your soul is being left in the dust. (Matthew 16:26)
  2. Reprogram your mindset:
    This is where you take the limits off of God and instead of thinking of Him with your own mind, think of Him in a new way. Just because you are somewhere right now, doesn’t mean that is where you are always supposed to be. There is more. “We are more than conquerors.” (Romans 8:37)
  3. Master your mouth:
    Speak it into existence. This is so important, because our words have power. It’s time to stop defeating yourself with your own words. You can change the narrative. If you have desires in your heart, begin to speak them out and even write them down.
  4. Define success:
    Success is a moving target. It’s not going to be the same for everybody, nor is it going to be the same for different stages of life. Ask yourself: What does success look like for me? What am I aiming for in 2017? Write it down!
  5. Work hard with what you got:
    There are no shortcuts when it comes to success. Yes, I wish there were… It would be easier. But it’s a “process”.
    I’ll admit, I for one am not good with process. I don’t like waiting and I get impatient. This is just something I have to work on. But the word “process” has been popping up for the past year, so I think it’s something I should focus on personally…
  6. Stick with it:
    Be consistent and commit to the process. Consistency is key.

(6 points from Paul Daugherty’s message series “My best days”)

There really is more to this life. We don’t have to be like everyone else. We don’t have to do things like others have done them. If God is pressing on your heart to make a move, don’t be fearful of it. “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

So what’s your next step to really living? How are you going to reach the desires of your heart?

“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4)

I hope this will give you a little bit of encouragement or a lot a bit of encouragement… I pray that you will open your heart and mind to the things of the Lord and let him guide your soul to where it needs to be.

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Don’t be scared of the adventure. It may be a rocky climb, but the view is worth it. (“Classic”)
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