The Voice in the Valley

As many of you probably know, I just graduated from college last Saturday. Crazy, I know!

I am now in a time of transition. Transition to what you may ask… I don’t know. But that doesn’t matter. Here’s what I do know:

Life is an adventure. Life is full of many ups and downs, twists and turns, mountains and valleys… The beauty of that though, is the adventure through the journey.

A year ago, I went hiking in the Wichita Mountains. We went off course and created our own path. We ended up hiking the whole day, climbing literal mountains with no harness, and going most of the journey without seeing people. It was quite the adventure and it was difficult at some points. We hiked onto the top of one of the mountains and got a view for as far as the eye could see. It was so beautiful. I still remember that feeling of being on top of the mountain, the wind blowing so hard it could knock you down, and feeling so free.

On the way back from our journey off the top of the mountain, we reached the valley. Down in the valley, we really couldn’t see anything except two mountains on either side. There was actually a point when we were getting to the end of the hike that it seemed like it was never going to end! We didn’t know where we were (cause we went off the path) and some of us thought we were going to be lost out there. (We were probably being dramatic.) Still, y’all know the feeling of defeat and confusion. That is exactly what was felt in the valley.

The good news though, is that we made it back to our cars and then had a safe four hour drive home! We can look back on the adventure of hiking and see the beauty of it all. We may not have seen the beauty while we were feeling lost, but afterwards it was all worth it. The whole 8 hours of hiking was worth it.

Life can be just like that. There are season we go through where we feel on top of the mountain and seasons where we feel down in the valley. The thing is both of these are so important. The valley is what takes us from one mountain to the other. If we are so used to living on top of the mountain, we aren’t going to know the difficulties of life that help us relate to others. The valley is part of your testimony, so embrace it.

Here’s the thing, we could’ve stayed on the path at the Wichita Mountains and followed all the other hikers. It would have been a much easier hike, trust me. Instead we took another path. We took a little risk and we saw parts of the Wichita Mountains we never would have seen otherwise.

If we are always following other people, we are going to miss out on the great things ahead of us.

If our eyes are always on someone else, then we’re going to miss the view.

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Just because you graduated college, doesn’t mean you have to get a job like everyone else. Just because your family has always done it this way, doesn’t mean you have to. You can create your own path.

When God called Abram, He called him to go away from everything that he knew and the kicker is that He didn’t even tell him what the exact destination was. He just told him to “go” and that he would be blessed because of it. God called Abram to obedience and that is exactly what we are called to.

“The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” Genesis 12:1

So maybe you don’t know where you’re going, but that’s okay. Follow God where He has called you through obedience. Make a choice to live with abandon and be true to who you are every step of the way.

Dream a little. Live a little. Explore a little.

Peace out.



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